Mounting systems

mounting systems

As a manufacturer of metal cable support systems, Vergokan sets itself apart with, among other things, its comprehensive range of mounting systems.  Reliability, ease of installation and time-saving are the factors which have inspired Vergokan design and manufacturing.
Vergokan is also the exclusive distributor of Unistrut profiles, fittings, pipe clamps, accessories and metal (modular) mounting systems.

Vergokan has a wide range of Sendzimir and hot-dip galvanised brackets, either clip-on or otherwise.

In addition to this, we offer fixing clamps (FL) for various thicknesses of IPE or IPA sections.

The steel deck bracket (SDBG) is used to fix cable trays to steel deck ceilings.

Cable suspension fittings enable installations to be completed rapidly, safely and efficiently in difficult conditions.

The inside bracket (BG) is the ultimate aesthetic answer to suspending cable trays simply in a concealed floating arrangement.

Another option is provided by open suspension brackets (COMEGACLU) which require very little overhead clearance. This is of prime importance in underground car parks and rooms with shallow false ceilings for instance. These brackets are nevertheless very strong and can cope with a heavy load. There are also clip-on versions available for fitting with wire cable trays.

The WKMP(CL) are available in lengths up to 1 metre. They are clip-on or otherwise and combine perfectly with standard cable trays as well as wire cable trays.

The adjustable wall bracket (WKSS) is the ideal answer for set-ups in tunnels and for rooms with sloping walls.

The range of ceiling mountings is most comprehensive, from single to double ceiling mountings, from lightweight to heavy-duty, and is available in Sendzimir and hot-dip galvanised coatings. In addition, Vergokan offers all kinds of L, Z and MP sections, (likewise available in hot-dip and Sendzimir galvanised finishes) as well as numerous connectors (VS) for creating different applications configurations.

Vergokan is therefore able to prepare a complete proposal specifically for the customer, in a Sendzimir or hot-dip galvanised finish, according to the environment and the product.

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