Cable ladders


You will need to utilise cable ladders where heavier weights of cable are to be supported, over long runs and extended support spans.

Vergokan has a wide range of cable ladders on offer. From light to heavy-duty ladders for extended spans.

KL, (S)KL, KLL(I) and HDKS(R) cable ladders are lightweight but still strong.

The HDKLIE is an industrial cable ladder with round rungs.

The KLM is a medium-duty cable ladder, the KLZ is a heavy-duty ladder and the KLW is a cable ladder for bridging large spans. Together with the KLL(I) ladders, these ladders are part of the uniform cable ladder range. The uniform cable ladder system is innovative, boasts high performance and is particularly flexible. Length, width and rung spacing can be varied in line with your needs. All types are used in a wide range of electrical installations in industry, commercial building and infrastructure projects.

These cable ladders comply with all known Vergokan quality requirements. Absolute priority is given to safety, durability and reliability. Rounded edges and rungs integrated into the rails guarantee safe assembly. At the same time it precludes any damage to the cables.

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